Make this simple single crochet handbag in a day. Yes, it is that quick crochet pattern ideal for beginners who have just started crocheting.

Even if all you’ve practiced so far is just a crochet swatch, this handbag pattern could leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished something. You’ll learn some new techniques in addition to the basic ones you already know.

The crochet handbag video tutorial is step-by-step and will help you all the way.

simple single crochet handbag
To make this simple single crochet handbag I have used:
  1. 8 ply Acrylic yarn
  2. 4.00mm crochet hook
  3. Tapestry needle & scissors

9″ wide and 7″tall.

Read before you begin:
  1. This simple single crochet hand bag is worked in three pieces.
  2. The front & back piece follow the same pattern.
  3. And then, crochet the long strap.
  4. Then use sl st to join it all together. Refer video for any help.
Video tutorial:
Free written pattern
Front + Back Panel (Make two of these)

Foundation Chain : 40 + 1 

Row 1:  Starting in the second chain from the hook, sc in every chain across. Turn. (40) 

Row 2 : Ch1, starting in the first stitch sc across the entire row in each st. Turn. (40) 

Row 3 – 26 : Ch1, starting in the first stitch sc across the entire row in each st. Turn. (40) 

So, now you would have made a rectangle for the front/back panel. Next we’re going to make the slant/curve at the top. We’ll work on one side and then do the other. Here’s the pattern to make the decreases.

Row 27 : Ch 1, 11sc, 1 dec. Turn. (12) 

Row 28 : Ch 1, skip two stitches, 10sc. Turn. (10) 

Row 29 : Ch 1, 7sc, 1 dec. Turn. (8) 

Row 30 : Ch 1, skip two stitches, 6sc. Turn. (6) 

Row 31 : Ch 1, 3sc, 1dec. Turn. (4) 

Row 32 : Ch 1, skip two stitches, 2sc. Turn (2) 

Make sc stitches down the slant. Also, make sc stitches all the way to the end (which makes up for Row 27 on the other side).

Now, we’re going to make the slant on the other side. 

Row 28 : Ch 1, 9sc, 1 dec. Turn. (10) 

Row 29 : Ch 1, skip two stitches, 8sc. Turn. (8) 

Row 30 : Ch 1, 5sc, 1 dec. Turn. (6) 

Row 31 : Ch 1, skip two stitches, 4sc. Turn. (4) 

Row 32 : Ch 1, 1sc, 1 dec. (2) 

Make sc stitches all the way down the slant. Make a knot. Finish off. 

Strap : 

Foundation chain : 6 +1 

Row 1 : 6sc. 

Repeat Row 1 till Row 184 to make a long strap. 

Which measures roughly 43″ inches.

So, that’s all. The crochet part of our simple single crochet handbag is done. Now all that’s left to do is sl st to join all the pieces. Refer the video to understand how it’s done.