A unicorn amigurumi free pattern with step-by-step video tutorial. This is a standing unicorn amigurumi toy, with the legs and body crocheted in one piece.

The Unicorn is 12 cm tall.

The pattern has been drafted in such a way that you don’t have to sew the legs separately. You can join the legs with the body as and when you are crocheting.

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Unicorn amigurumi free pattern
You will need:
  1. Yarn : 4 seasons flinders cotton 8 ply yarn  Yarn A- white Yarn B- Tan Yarn C- peach
  2. Hook : 2.5mm 
  3. Tapestry needle
  4. Safety eyes, scissors and stuffing.

Unicorn amigurumi free pattern

unicorn amigurumi free pattern
Unicorn’s legs and body:

Start with yarn color B 

  1. Magic circle, 8 hdc into the magic circle, sl st into the first st to close. (8) 
  2. Work this round into the stitch post, 8 sc. (8) 
  3. Sc around. (8) 
  4. Change to yarn color A, 8 sc. (8) 

5-9.    sc around. (8) 

Leave a 5 cm tail and cut off yarn.  

Make four of these, and when you are done with the fourth leg. Don’t cut off yarn. 

Joining the legs : 

Ch 2, 6 sc around [leg1], Ch 8, 6 sc around [leg2], Ch 2, 6 sc around [leg3], Ch 8, 6 sc around [leg4] 

Top part of the body: 
  1. 2sc, 6sc, 8sc, 6sc, 2sc, 6sc, 8sc,  6sc. (44) 

2-5.    sc around. (44) 

  1. 42sc, dec. (43) 
  2. Dec, dec, 37sc, dec. (40) 
  3. Dec, dec, 34sc, dec. (37) 
  4. Dec, dec, 31sc, dec. (34) 
  5. Dec, dec, 6sc, skip 16, 6sc, dec. (15) 

Leave a 30 cm tail to sew this end close.

Video tutorial to make the legs and body:
Unicorn’s Neck: 

Attach yarn in the space between and start working clockwise 

  1. 16sc. (16) 
  2. 15sc, dec  
  3. 13sc, dec 
  4. 14sc finish off. 
Bottom part of the body 

Start at the rear end of the unicorn 

  1. Attach yarn, sc, 4sc [leg1], 8sc, 4sc [leg2], 2sc, 4sc [leg3], 8sc, 4sc [leg4], sc 
  2. Dec, 2sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 2sc, dec, dec, 2sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 2sc, dec. (28) 
  3. Dec, dec, 6sc, dec, dec, dec, dec, 6sc, dec, dec. (20) 
  4. Dec, 6sc, dec, dec, 6sc, dec. (16) 
Video tutorial to make the neck and bottom part of the body:
Unicorn’s Head: 

Start at the nose for the unicorn with yarn B  

  1. Magic circle, 6sc. (6)  
  2. [sc, inc] * 3 times. (9) 
  3. [sc, sc, inc] * 3 times. (12)  
  4. sc around. (12) 
  5. Work with yarn A, [FLO] [2sc in each st ] * 6 times, 6sc. (18) 
  6.  sc around. (18) 
  7. [sc, inc] * 6 times, 6sc. (24) 

Attach eyes between row 7 and row 8. Count stitches at row 8, attach eyes at 6th stitch & 18th one. Refer video. 

8-13.  sc around. (24) Remember to stuff.  

  1. [sc, sc, dec] * 6 times. (18)  
  2. [sc, dec] * 6 times. (12)  
  3. [dec] * 6 times.  

Cut the yarn and pull it out the stitch. Using a tapestry needle pass it through the front loops of the last round, pull, make a knot and hide the yarn inside the head.  

standing unicorn amigurumi

Using yellow yarn 

  1. Magic circle, 4sc. (4) 
  2. [sc, inc] * 2 times. (6) 

3-4.    sc around.  (6) 

  1. Magic circle, 4sc. (4) 
  2. [sc, inc] * 2 times. (6) 
  3. [sc, sc, inc] * 2 times. (8) 
  4. Sc around. (8) 
Video to make the unicorn’s head, horn and ears and sew them all.

Now, the unicorn is finished. All that is left to make is the mane for the unicorn. Please refer the video to make that.

The paid version has a pattern to make the unicorn’s hair as well.

Video to crochet unicorn’s mane/hair: