Learn how to crochet phone case using these simple steps. I’m slowing progressing in life to become that person who has crocheted everything in her house (and proud at it).

Today I am going to show you how you can crochet phone case cover.

  1. Buy a basic silicone case for your phone. Make sure that it is slim.
  2. Trace the phone cover’s outline and draw/design what you want to crochet.
  3. Then, crochet the rectangular base that goes on the backside, taking into account the camera openings and other spaces you want to leave uncovered.
  4. Use a slip stitch to go all round the rectangle to give it that edge.
  5. Depending upon your phone’s thickness, choose a crochet stitch of desired length. Crochet into the back loops of that slip stitch to cover all the sides of the phone.
  6. Now, work on getting those designs in.

Disclaimer : The crochet phone case does not provide the safety that is needed for you phone that’s worth so much more. You are just adding it to your existing phone case for aesthetic reasons.

Materials required:

To make this crochet phone case cover you will need:

  1. Cotton yarn, (anything that is less stretchy)
  2. Suitable crochet hook ( preferably something that is smaller that the recommended hook size).
  3. Button eyes if you are going to crochet and animal onto it.
  4. Tapestry needle, scissors.

So, there really cant be a pattern to do this because every phone size is going to be different. But you can watch this video to understand how I did mine.

Video tutorial on how to crochet phone case:
Design your phone case
Legs(Make two): 
  1. Magic cirlce, 6sc. (6) 
  2. 2sc in each st sround. (12) 
  3. [sc, inc] * 6 times. (18) 

Finish off. 

Arms(Make two): 
  1. Magic circle, 8sc. (8) 
  2. to 5.    sc around. (8) 
Ears(Make two): 
  1. Magic cirlce, 6sc. (6) 
  2. 2sc in each st sround. (12) 
  3. – 4.    sc around. (12)