Hi! Welcome to my well-loved blog! Hellostitchesxo is a collection of free patterns or how-to’s to every crochet, knits and embroidery that I do. I can’t pass a day without checking if any of you people are lurking around.

I’m Divya, residing at Queeensland, Australia with my husband and my 3-year old girl. I have lived in the same place, same house and with the same friends most of my lifetime back in Thoothukudi, India. I have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and many many years ago I got married to this wonderful man and moved to Australia. We have lived in Victoria, Australia for 6 years, and the place still holds some my best memories till date.

And ever since marriage, I’ve had the liberty to stay at home and hone my skills and passion. I like to read, sing(not that I’m good at it), pray and spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet(very unhealthy amounts). I was getting to the quarter-life crisis, when I did not know what I was doing with my life or what I wanted to do, so started a couple of blogs on WordPress. As a result, ta da! I welcome you again to my blog Hellostitchesxo where I’m working my butt off. If you’ve liked any of my posts, show some love and share it someone else. Stay in touch. xo.


Answering some of the questions I get asked frequently.

Can I sell the products that I make using your patterns? Of course you can, you may sell your products made using my pattern. But, please provide a link to the pattern on my website Hellostitchesxo, I would appreciate that a great deal. If you can’t give due credits please refrain from selling items made using my pattern. Also, please don’t mass produce items made using my pattern. Please do not use my images claiming them to be yours while selling the product, as it may be misleading to the customers. Also do not, copy, alter or redistribute my patterns claiming them to be yours that is highly unethical.

Can I link your work in my blog or round-up? Yes, please. I always love to be be featured in your work, but let me know when you are going to do/doing so.

Do you take requests? Can you make a-something from hellostitchesxo for me? I may or may not take your requests depending on the amount of work I have in hand. But if I have the time I can definitely make one for you.

Can I translate your work to my own language and publish it to my website/Facebook/Instagram? Sorry, unfortunately not. If you have a translation that you have done, or a pdf that you have created using my pattern I can link it to my blog post so other people can access it.

There are a few missing rounds in your pattern? The : in the pattern indicates a single crochet around for the rounds in between. You might have seen this in some of my older patterns. I have tried to avoid doing that these days as it causes a lot of confusion.

Feel free to send and email to hellostitchesxo@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests.