Crochet Pillow Cover

Hello plush little pillow! Although my intention originally was to make a doily rug, I ended up using the doily on one […]

Crochet Earrings

Sorry about the late post, been busy preparing for diwali. It’s diwali here today and I was excited to wear my new […]

Amigurumi sheep

Hello amigurumi! This was my first amigurumi project and I love it to pieces. I started this one as soon as I […]

Bottle Brush Embroidery

Hello french knots! REQUIREMENTS Threads Med. Coral Med. Olive Green Needle Crewel Needle This Design Uses Chain stitch, Fly stitch, French knot, […]


Hello outline stitch! There cant be a tutorial for it, just drew on a pattern I found online and stitched the pattern […]