Hello marshmellowy puffy stitch!

I had so much fun doing this blanket, although it took forever to complete it. All you need to know is this wonderful bobble stitch, and few(actually a lot more than conventional project of this size) different coloured yarn( you can stash bust or you can specifically buy colours of your choice, and that large hook

Row 1: Ch108(an even number of your choice).

Row 2: Now sc down the length, Chain 3 more which acts at the first double crochet.

Row 3: Turn and now [yarn over & in the fourth chain from the hook, insert yarn and pull through] * 5 times. You may now have 6 loops on your hook. Pull through all of it which forms the first bobble. 1 sc in the next stitch. Now that you know the drill keep repeating the bobble and sc down the length (54 puffy little stitches).


Repeat Row 2 & Row 3 35 times if you want a blankey or rug that measures 30″ x 24″.

Note: As you’ve got the hang of puff stitches you’ll know that the fluffy cute side is actually away from you i.e., the opposite side.