Hello french knots!




Med. Coral

Med. Olive Green


Crewel Needle

This Design Uses

Chain stitch, Fly stitch, French knot, Granitos, Stem stitch, Straight stitch

All embroidery is worked with a single strand of thread unless otherwise specified.

Open flower

Fig 1: Chain stitch
Fig 2: French knots & Straight stitch

Stitch the green center line in chain stitch with 2 strands of green thread. (Fig 1) From the center of every chain stitch, work 4-5 straight stitches radiating from each sides. Add a french knot to the tip of each straight stitch. (Fig 2)


Fig 3: Stem stitch & straight stitch

Embroider the stems in stem stitch and work the left hand stem up to the tip of the flower. Outline the six large leaves and fill them with rows of stem stitch packed closely together. (Fig 3) Stitch 5 small leaves at the tip of the open flower and three at the tip of the opening flower. For each work with 3-4 straight stitches starting from the same fabric hole at the tip.

Opening flower

Work 3-5 straight stitches for the stamens. Work fly stitch around the base of each group. (Fig 4) Below the small leaves at the top embroider four closed buds along the stem. Work granitos of 3-4 straight stitches for each one.

Fig 4: Fly stitch
Fig 4: Fly stitch