Hello there! I’m back with another embroidery venture of mine, and not to forget even hand sewn. With an active baby girl who mostly catnaps through the day I barely have time for anything other than chores, but that wouldnt stop me from getting this done. Ideally, it should have been done in a day but it took me two whole weeks to get it done. I folded a piece of fabric 25×30 cms and sewed the sides of the bag. Folded the top part to make space for the drawstring and sewed it in place. Now getting on to the embroidery since the thread count of this muslin was very less I used another backing fabric to do the wool embroidery. Then free handed the carrot pattern, I wanted the carrots to appear as a bunch when the bag is pulled close, hence spaced them accordingly. Im so proud of this idea, that I’m claiming royalty rights to anyone who wants to do this ?

Actually I love the way it turned out, exactly the way I want it to be. My carrots have stayed fresh for over a week and I couldnt be any more happier with this pretty bag.