Hi, I am in love with this cute little cat toy on a hairband. My 3-yr old has recently taken into quirky things on her hairband, and she’s over bows and ribbons already. Even at the store she would buy anything that’s dramatic.

My daughter has been wearing it non-stop. We have had many people telling us that it looks insanely cute every time we head out.

This cute little cat is worked in rounds, without any joins. And it takes a day to complete if you have all your materials in hand.

Crochet cat headband on a little girl

Yarn : 4 Seasons Marvel 8 Ply Yarn in white color.

Crochet hook: 2.5mm hook.


  • ch – Chain stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase, 2sc in the same stitch
  • invdec – invisible decrease

How to/ pattern to make the cat hairband:

Cat’s head:

  1. Magic circle, 6sc in it. (6)
  2. 2sc in each sc around. (12)
  3. [sc, inc] * 6 times. (18)
  4. [sc, sc, inc] * 6 times. (24)
  5. sc around. (24)
  6. sc around. (24)
  7. sc around. (24)
  8. sc around. (24)Please mark stitches no 1 and 7 of this round for the eyes.
  9. sc around. (24)
  10. sc around. (24)
  11. [sc, sc, invdec] * 6 times. (18)
  12. [sc, invdec] * 6 times. (12)
  13. Invdec around. (6) Finish, stuff and leave a long tail to sew in the legs.

Cat’s legs:

  1. Magic circle, 6sc in it. (6)
  2. [sc, sc, inc] * 2 times. (8)
  3. sc around. (8)
  4. [sc, sc, invdec] * 2 times. (6)
  5. sc around. (6) Finish, stuff and make four of these.

Cat’s ears:

  1. Magic circle, 4sc in it. (4)
  2. 2sc in each sc around. (8)
  3. [sc, inc] * 4 times. (12) Finish and make two of these. No need to stuff these.

Cat’s tail:

  1. Magic circle, 6sc in it. (6)
  2. sc around. (6)
  3. Repeat the same for 6 more rounds.

After you have assembled the cat it’s time to sew it’s eyes and nose where we marked it. (Excuse the use of hooks for my stitch markers)

Amigurumi sleepy cat hairband