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Crochet Earrings

Sorry about the late post, been busy preparing for diwali. It’s diwali here today and I was excited to wear my new royal blue coloured dress finally. While I was wondering about my accesories, I got super pumped on seeing the embroidery floss lying around. And started crocheting these earrings. Now, the dilemma arose should I post these under crochet or embroidery(Obviously crochet, just playing tricks with your head).

Hope these photos suffice to explain what I went through(Pressed for time). Will do a detailed post soon enough, I promise.

DSC01957DSC01951DSC01948 DSC01952And now my cranky silly head decided, I should try and remove it to see if it fits another pair of earrings. And it ended up like this 🙁

DSC01958So had to start over, and ended up with a not so great design, still wore it.



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